Virtual Experiments

Supplementing Labs

Virtual Experiments can offer huge added value as warm-ups to experiments, or when equipment is scarce, dangerous or expensive

Greater Flexability

Virtual Experiments can be embedded on most web pages or within a VLE such as blackboard and offer simultaneous whole-class access 24/7

Refining Techniques

Virtual Experiments enable students to develop a deeper understanding of the practical skills within a laboratory environment

Virtual Experiment Examples

Here you can find some examples of virtual experiments we have completed for southampton university. Please let us know if you wish to use them in any way:

Diode Testing

Measure current and voltage of a diode in various conditions

Transformer Modelling

Perform open circuit, short circuit and load tests on an unknown transformer

Syncronscope and V-Curves

Use the Syncroscope and lamps to syncronise a motor with 3 phase power

Hydrogen Oxygen Explosion

Mix oxygen with Hydrogen and find the pressure at which the explosion occurs

Electronics Introduction

Observational experiment introducing some simple logic switches and a Analogue to Digital converter

Hooks Law

Simple Experiment to measure hooks law with a calibrated newton meter

Cell Growth

Measure the growth rate of cells at various temperatures with the help of timelapse photography

Rate of Reaction

Change the concentrations of thiosulphate and measure the reaction time

Thermal Resistivity

Use the labview program to measure the resistivity of several wet and dry materials

Phasor Simulation

A simulation to help visualise phasor synchronization

Water Flow Simulation

Add Doping and Sampling points along a river to try and map the underground waterflow

Other Virtual Experiments

Previous work:

Virtual Experiments at Reading University

This work is licensed under the Jorum EducationUK Licence. To view a copy of this license, visit

Do you have an idea for a Virtual Experiment?

If your interested in getting involved or have an idea please get in contact with us, have a look at our Contact page